A French 9

April Alexander’s humorous novel about an alcoholic atheist lesbian theology professor who visits Paris and suffers from unrequited love - the unabridged and uncensored Love for All origin journals. Available in print, Kindle, Nook & other eBook platforms. Also available as Nothing, the unedited first reading by the author with questions for introspection.

a little black book of poetry

Sequel to A French 9.

Three More

Humorous poems of delusional attachment. Sequel to a little black book of poetry.


Light-hearted alcoholic geographic to a delusional attachment. Sequel to Three More.

Queers & Fallen Women: 9ish Months

Sequel to Mots.

queer jesus

Unedited recordings from March 2, 2014. Also available as a self-paced course.


“Once there was a squiggle.” A children’s book written & illustrated by Abigail Alexander and April Alexander.


Wisdom is applied knowledge for successful living - not simply knowing the smart thing to do in every situation, but doing it. This flows from habits and practices that create virtues and characters who can be who they need to be and do what they need to do, consistently in the midst of difficulties and challenges, as well as when life is smooth. This engaging, humorous, and interactive seminar helps you cultivate resources within yourself to live wisely each moment, and forgive yourself when you don't. Through storytelling, science, and spirituality, April guides you through some of the most difficult conversations humans face so that you may continue to become the wise person you long to be.

Conflict Transformation

Conflict is normal. Conflict is human. What matters is how we deal with it. This engaging, humorous, and interactive seminar provides practical and applicable skills for dealing with conflict in work, relationships, and life. Drawing on insights from science and spiritual traditions, April guides you through how to engage effectively with both yourself and others.

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