Three bites

First bite, eat the food and think of the wise ones, your teachers. Offer it to them.

Second bite, think of someone who has been kind to you, offer it to them.

Third bite, offer to everyone who is starving or suffering.

This slows us, and opens up gratitude, compassion, and empathy.

-the practice of three bites, shared by Pema Chödrön, Bodhisattva Mind


Thought of this emoji and it became one of my visuals for life. Poo into flowers.

Texted it to my son. He said, 'hahahaha thanks for the reminder'

Texted it to my daughter. She said, 'love u'

Texted it to a friend. He said, 'with this, you can conquer anything.'

We're not interested in conquering anything.

We're simply interested in transforming 💩 into 🌷

Every day.

Until we die.

Why Love for All?

Like everyone's story, this is a long one.

A short version is that out of deep suffering, deep love can emerge.

A shorter version is that love is true, so let us live true.

& as those who speak, don't know

& those who know, don't speak

a lot is lost in translating the silence of knowing into the language of sharing

yet the words shall emerge along the way, anyway